Affirmation Studio is a therapeutic music studio for you to work with a music producer and trained therapist in a professional studio to create your own music whilst being supported through a journey of self-development and exploration.

Affirmation Studio allows you to record, create beats and your own unique sound either for yourself or to a professional standard to release as well as supporting artist development plans, exploring routes on how to progress in the industry.

The space also provides a trained therapist to work alongside you, to support you in being able to express yourself fully or convey but also process difficult experiences. The space allows you to explore any issues or blocks that you may be currently facing through music production and writing as an expression. Being able to share experiences through music allows us to better understand the experiences, our emotions and ourselves better.

If you’re interested in getting some production time at Affirmation Studio then please contact NAOS.


Listen to clips of some of the young people who have worked on the Affirmation Studio Therapy Project.

Giving Me

Forget It


Custard Cream

Affirmation Studio and ACE have collaborated to create an Instagram platform to inform and inspire not only those that are interested in pursuing a career in the music industry but with the aim for the platform to inspire and encourage greatness in all.